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Ethical Fashion Design: A Cross-Oceanic Interview with the UK's Amelia Gregory!

This summer in Oxford, I had the privilege of meeting the inspirational photographer, musician, and writer, Amelia Gregory, while she was on tour to promote her new book, Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration.

Amelia got her start as a fashion photographer working for the likes of The Guardian, Sleaze Nation, and Time Out Magazine before creating her own publication, Amelia’s Magazine, an online ethical fashion and illustration bible.

She spoke at Comma, Oxford’s adorable independently-owned gift shop, about her book and the role of art and design in the growing environmental movement.... Read more »

A Skype Conversation With My Dog: A Canine, A Butterfly, an Oil Spill

Before I left for Europe, I was worried about keeping in touch with my dogs, so logically, I tried to teach them how to skype. Lucky, the older one, arched his hairy-doggy eyebrows, gave me a few exasperated blinks with those dish-bowl eyes of his, and with a grumphumffafloof, plopped his head down on the living room floor.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he was saying. “I am old, don’t you get it? A Senior Canine Citizen. I’m exhausted enough guarding your home from potential feline intruders. Grumffumphaluff. I don’t have the energy to bark out the window AND bark at the computer screen. Humphalumphalumph,” he snorted. Silly human girl - don’t teach an old dog new tricks. Grummmmph,” he sighed, his body rising and falling like a gigantic breathing carpet. ... Read more »

Spiders, Blue Jays, and Tree Houses: Two Children's Perspectives on the Great Outdoors!


Children have a special relationship to nature that we don’t often get to hear about, so I decided to interview the two children of family friends of ours, Spencer and Noah, aged 8 and 6, respectively. They made some pretty awesome points about pollution, spiders, and the merits of playing outside!

An interview with Spencer, Aged 8:

What was the most fun you’ve ever had playing outside?

At my cousin’s house, at his birthday party, we played capture the flag and water guns and stuff.

What do you like more - playing outside or computer games?... Read more »

There's No App for Nature: An Interview with My Oma

A few weekends ago, I spoke to my Oma (grandmother) about her upbringing on the Saskatchewan family-farm and how it affected her thoughts on the environment and technology.

The environment means everything to me, she said as we sat together in her bedroom shortly after supper. I was looking forward to this casual interview with my Oma. Though she never tells anyone how old she actually is, I'm sure she must be more than a few decades past middle age, making her a reservoir of stories and rich life experiences.

We were a big family, six sisters and four brothers, she told me, explaining what life was like in the first half of the twentieth century. We didn’t need any playmates.... Read more »

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