Little Stories: An Environmental Blog

This blog explores the connections we Albertans have to the environment.  It is easy to see the environment as just something pretty to look at through the window or as something we need to bravely navigate through to get from the car to the doorstep during our harsh Albertan winters. It can be tempting to relegate the environment to flower-doodle status in the margins of our day-to-day to-do lists; but, we need to remember that nature is not something outside of us. By pushing it aside, we forget that it is a part of us, and that quite frankly, when it comes to our well-being, it's as integral as an intestine.

My humble bit of the blogosphere is to be filled with stories about, and interviews with all sorts of people and their various relationships to the environment. In Little Stories, you will also find my own personal environmental memories as well as discussions of current environmental issues facing Albertan communities today.

We are lucky that we have happy memories of times when we've felt a powerful connection to the environment, so I'm writing this blog to keep us from forgetting these memories and this connection. I'm writing this blog to help us remember - because I think our personal stories of environmental connection are just as important as the headlines and news reports of environmental degradation. I'm writing this blog because I am a proud Albertan, and I love my home. Read-on!


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