Alberta Grizzlies

The Great Bear and the big snap

Can a bunch of green snappers save the Great Bear?

The International League of Conservation Photographers hopes so.

For a few weeks now, its snappers have been deploying themselves across Canada's Great Bear Rainforest, documenting its wild nature and the people who live in, and sometimes off, the forest.

I had the privilege of visiting the Great Bear, on the coast of British Columbia, about four years ago, for a radio series on sustainable forestry.


It is vast, still, full of understated life; simply, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. "Privilege"? Absolutely.

The League's members clearly feel the same way; but they have a purpose in saying so.... Read more »

A Grizzly Challenge: Ensuring a Future for Alberta's Threatened Grizzlies (pdf, 39 pp.)


Addresses some important questions about the status and future of Alberta’s Threatened grizzly bear population. Although a great deal of important research about the size and structure of the grizzly bear population has recently been completed, many concerns still remain about the adequacy of the province’s efforts to provide enough protection for grizzlies and their habitat to allow recovery.  Report draws from the best-available science and successful experiences in the United States.  Written by Jeff Gailus and jointly published by Sierra Club Canada and six other North American, national and provincial environmental organizations. 

Alberta Minister Commended for Key Step in Grizzly Bear Recovery

Sierra Club Canada and the more than 1200 participants in Action Grizzly Bear are commending Alberta's Sustainable Resource Development Minister, Mel Knight, and his Cabinet colleges for listing Alberta's grizzly bears as a Threatened Species under Alberta's Wildlife Act, a necessary step to recovery that was first recommended by the government's multi-stakeholder Endangered Species Conservation Committee in 2002.

Conservation groups issue province a ‘grizzly’ challenge

A report, sponsored by seven environmental groups, is calling for the Alberta government to do more to protect the province's grizzly bears.

The report, called A Grizzly Challenge: Ensuring the Future for Alberta's Threatened Grizzlies, written by Canmore's Jeff Gailus, was produced with the intention of establishing a common position and an argument presented by a coalition of invested groups: the Alberta Wilderness Association, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Association, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club of Canada, the Wild Canada Conservation Alliance and the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative.

Additional excerpt:
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All-terrain trails, wilderness roads hastening grizzly decline, report says

An extensive network of roadways and all-terrain vehicle trails carved deep into critical grizzly-bear habitat in Alberta is hastening the decline of the carnivores, whose population is already perilously close to collapse in the province.

That’s one of the conclusions of a 38-page report titled A Grizzly Challenge, which is the product of four years of research by a coalition of seven environmental groups that argue the Progressive Conservative government is not doing enough to protect the bruins.

Additional excerpt:

Government spokesman Dave Ealey said the province is moving ahead with habitat protection and controlling human access as part of its recovery efforts.
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