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Conservation groups want Bill 29 delayed

A coalition of conservation groups is issuing a call-to-arms, over Bill 29, proposed changes to the Alberta Parks Act. 

They want Albertans to call their MLA and ask to have the Bill scrapped, or at least sent to a committee to get public input. Retired professor Jim Butler says the Bill will allow the minister responsible to approve things like logging or oil leases in our parks and protected areas.

"They are part of the public trust and it is part of the public trust that the government looks after them. We need a professional team of staff," explains Butler.

Read the entire article at the link below.

Conservation groups say bill reduces protection of Alberta parks

EDMONTON — A coalition of conservation groups is going on the offensive against the provincial government over proposed legislation they believe will strip away protection for Alberta's parks.

The coalition, which on Friday held simultaneous news conferences in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer, has declared Nov. 15-20 as Save Our Parks Week in an effort to draw attention to Bill 29.

"This bill will result in degradation," Sam Gunsch of the Sierra Club told reporters on the steps of the legislature. "Environmental protection won't be the priority of government."... Read more »

Save Our Alberta Parks!

More Parks Now! NOT Bill 29

You’re all making a difference! Now until February 19th is the best time to meet with your MLA and ask for new parks – Albertan’s #1 priority – instead of the proposed new parks legislaiton (Bill 29, Alberta Parks Act). Those outside Alberta - likewise the best time to ask the same of Alberta's Premier. Build the momentum: action checklist below.... Read more »

Mackenzie Gas Project Update: Review Panel Rejects Governments' Attempt to Weaken Its Recommendations

Don't ignore any of our recommendations.

That's the message that the Joint Review Panel for the Mackenzie Gas Project has sent to the governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories in response to attempts at limiting or rejecting most of the 176 conditions the Panel says are necessary for the massive project to begin.

Tasked with reviewing the environmental and socio-economic implications of the project, the independent Joint Review Panel (JRP) concluded that it was possible to mitigate the project's most significant adverse impacts – as long as 176 separate recommendations were fully implemented.... Read more »

Sierra Club Prairie Chapter statement on Syncrude and more dead ducks

"With even more dead ducks just days after Syncrude was given a slap on the wrist with a petty $3 million fine that they can recover in less than half a day's net profit, it is glaringly obvious that the 170 square kilometers of toxic tailing lakes need to be cleaned up and phased out with a moratorium put in place. The governments of Alberta and Canada need to grow a conscience and be held accountable for protecting the public image of the tar sands industry by failing to enforce weak environmental regulations and continuing to maintain a 100% approval rating and promoting tar sands development. The devastation to the Mackenzie and Athabasca River Delta, the poisoning of Indigenous and downstream communities, and the continuous deaths and contamination of birds and wildlife in the region constitute an ongoing injustice. Denying the Total Joslyn North Mine Project would be the first step of such accountability.... Read more »

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