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Alta. oilsands pond sludge oozes into bush

A northern Alberta tailings pond appears to have toxic sludge flowing into the muskeg from an uncontained western edge, a situation uncovered by a CBC News investigation.

The pond, located in a remote area about 70 kilometres northwest of Fort McMurray, contains toxic waste from the Horizon oilsands project operated by Calgary-based Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNRL). It has been in operation for about a year.

The pond has containing berms on all but its western side. According to documents obtained by CBC News, the company is relying on topography and clay beneath the surface to contain the tailings on that section of the pond.

CNRL is legally permitted to have this setup. The plan was approved six years ago by Alberta's Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB).

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Environmental Law Centre finds Alberta Parks Act “significant step backwards”

Finds Proposed Alberta Parks Act as “..inadequate”
Legal review by Environmental Law Centre finds  Alberta Parks Act “significant step backwards”

from:  Sam Gunsch, Sierra Club, Edmonton  780 885 5624


Update:            Bill 29 - Alberta Parks Act                (November 14, Edmonton)


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The legislation that the government is trying to pass was introduced once before in 1999-2000.

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