Forests and Biodiversity

Liam Wacey's Biography

What follows is a short biography of my life, and my reasons for caring about the environment.

Firstly, I have spent almost my entire life in Vernon, B.C., mostly at home with my family.  We have always lived in the rural area of town, called the B.X., and it is here that my passion for the outdoors was first birthed.  Although I am not very good at putting adequate words to the memories I have (which might account for my general resistance to journaling) if given the chance I would talk all day about summer evenings at the pond or winters spent tobogganing at the orchard behind my house.  Hiking in the foothills and snowboarding in the mountains above them have all been a part of my life for as long as I can remember; truly I had everything right outside my door that a boy could ask for.  These experiences have helped shape my independence and spirit of adventure immensely.
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Comments submitted to MNR regarding the City's permit application under regulations of the Endangered Species Act.

The Following are comments submitted to the Ministry of Natural Resources by a concerned citizen regarding the TFD extension:

Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick,

I have prepared the comments below in response to the subject EBR posting concerning the City of Ottawa's application to remove species pursuant to Ontario Regulation 242/08 of the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

For the reasons outlined below, I disagree with the following boundary condition of this application:

"These municipal road works were authorized to proceed under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment prior to June 30, 2008. Therefore, this project qualifies for a transitional provision under Ontario Regulation 242/08 and the city is eligible to enter into an agreement with the Minister of Natural Resources. " ... Read more »

Parliament Threatens Canadians’ Rights and Waterways


(Ottawa) Sierra Club Canada warns that Canadians could soon lose their right to enjoy Canada’s waterways unless Parliament reverses the course... Read more »

Letter to CEO of National Capital Commission on Gatineau Park


Marie Lemay
Chief Executive Officer
National Capital Commission
202–40 Elgin Street
Ottawa, Canada  K1P 1C7

Dear Ms. Lemay,
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Victoria shifts away from development of Flathead Valley

Nestled in British Columbia's southeast corner is a wilderness area of global significance called the Flathead Valley.

Sometimes compared with Africa's Serengeti for its richness of species, the Flathead's rare convergence of wildlife and stunning vistas are under threat from industrial development.

The Flathead should be B.C.'s top priority for protection.

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