Logging in Castle Mountain area stokes fear for grizzly bear population

Logging in the Castle Mountain area could mean the end to an already threatened and dwindling grizzly bear population, says the Sierra Club of Canada.

The area west of Pincher Creek between Crowsnest Pass and Waterton Lakes National Park is home to about 51 grizzlies that roam both sides of the border, and in a couple weeks logging trucks moving in will diminish that number, claims Dianne Pachal, Sierra Club of Canada’s Alberta Wild Director.

“The size of Castle is about the size of the average home for a male bear,” she said.

“From a grizzly bear perspective, it’s not that large so logging impacts that whole ecosystem.... Read more »

BC Forestry undergoing changes

The logging industry in BC is undergoing a resurgence with demand from China creating increased exports from Canada.

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A recent report, B.C. Forests in Crisis – A Community Call for Reform details some of these changes that may lead to vast amounts of decimated forests, closure of mills, and losses of thousands of jobs.

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BCGEU’s report can be found here.

World sacred forests mapped out

A team of scientists from the University of Oxford are working on a world map which shows all the land owned or revered by various world religions. This "holy map" will display all the sacred sites from Jerusalem's Western Wall, to Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, to St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.

Just as interesting, the map will also show the great forests held sacred by various religions. Within these protected lands dwell a wide variety of life and high numbers of threatened species.The sacred land mapped out by the Oxford researchers is not necessarily owned by a certain religious community, but rather contains sacred connotations.

They estimate that about fifteen percent of all land on Earth is "sacred land", and eight percent of all land is owned by a religious community. Much of the land held sacred is forest.... Read more »

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