Scientists call for protection of Clayoquot Sound forests

B.C. scientists are among more than 133 experts from across North America joining the call for permanent protection of old-growth rainforests in Clayoquot Sound.

All have signed a declaration supporting the measure, which stands against a recent application to the provincial government by the logging company Iisaak to cut old-growth areas on the sound's Flores Island. The company is a First Nations-led concern that espouses forestry practised in concert with ecological and cultural values.

According to Sierra Club B.C., only 21 of 282 rainforest watersheds on Vancouver Island remain unlogged. Seven of the 21 do not have permanent protection, including five in the Clayoquot area.

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Alberta Government kicks public out of protected area so Spray Lake Sawmills can begin clear-cutting

MEDIA RELEASE, January 19, 2012

BEAVER MINES: This afternoon, Alberta Government’s Sustainable Resource Development Department (SRD) issued a notice closing part of the popular, year-round recreation core of the Castle Special Management Area to public use.  That includes closing it to a legal camp of a second-generation outfitter and a picket-line by local residents - the presence of which was holding back Spray Lake Sawmills from starting up its equipment to bulldoze new roads and clear-cut the protected area.   

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Logging in Castle Mountain area stokes fear for grizzly bear population

Logging in the Castle Mountain area could mean the end to an already threatened and dwindling grizzly bear population, says the Sierra Club of Canada.

The area west of Pincher Creek between Crowsnest Pass and Waterton Lakes National Park is home to about 51 grizzlies that roam both sides of the border, and in a couple weeks logging trucks moving in will diminish that number, claims Dianne Pachal, Sierra Club of Canada’s Alberta Wild Director.

“The size of Castle is about the size of the average home for a male bear,” she said.

“From a grizzly bear perspective, it’s not that large so logging impacts that whole ecosystem.... Read more »

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