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Budget far from green, environmentalists say

Environmentalists panned the federal budget on Tuesday, saying it offers very little that will help Canada curb pollution and cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.

"This budget does absolutely nothing for climate change, despite the fact that it's the Number 1 priority issue for Canadians," said Emilie Moorhouse of the Sierra Club of Canada.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty didn't even mention the word 'climate change' when he tabled the budget in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

Climate Change Measures Insufficient, says Green Budget Coalition

Ottawa (March 19, 2007) The Green Budget Coalition expressed today that measures in the 2007 federal budget were simply insufficient for Canada to adequately address climate change.

“Climate change is the most fundamental environmental challenge we face,” explained Julie Gelfand, Coalition Chair, and Nature Canada President.  “Canadians are clamouring for action.”

Environmental Groups Release Recommendations for 2007 Budget

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Ottawa (November 27, 2006) The Green Budget Coalition, comprising 20 of Canada’s leading environmental and conservation organizations, today issued its five overriding recommendations for the 2007 federal budget.

Parties must set aside differences and move forward quickly with a green budget, Canada’s national environmental community says.

OTTAWA – Twenty-one of Canada’s leading environmental and conservation groups released a report today calling on federal parties to set aside their differences and to move forward quickly on the environment with a green budget.

The report, Green Budget Coalition: Recommendations for Budget 2005 shows the parties how they can use the upcoming budget to keep the environmental promises they’ve made to Canadians.... Read more »

Recommendations for Budget 2004

Sierra Club of Canada is one of the founding members of the Green Budget Coalition which provides recommendations to government on how to remove perverse subsidies encouraging environmental damage, shifting the tax burden to harmful practices and creating tax signals to encourage environmental improvement.

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