Nuclear Subsidies

Japan crisis worsens, France wants global nuclear reform

FRANCE (04/01/2011) -- the most nuclear-dependent in the world -- called for new global nuclear rules and proposed a global conference in France for May as President Nicolas Sarkozy paid a quick visit to Tokyo on Thursday to show support.

"We must look at this coldly so that such a catastrophe never occurs again," said Sarkozy, who chairs the Group of 20 bloc of nations, during his brief stopover.

It was the first visit by a foreign leader since a March 11 earthquake and tsunami battered northeast Japan, leaving nearly 28,000 people dead or missing. The damage may top $300 billion, making it the world's costliest natural disaster.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan, under enormous pressure as he struggles to manage Japan's toughest test since World War II, welcomed the gesture of solidarity.... Read more »

Environmental groups launch legal challenge to nuclear shipments

Two environmental groups have launched a legal challenge in a bid to halt proposed shipments of radioactive waste across the Great Lakes.

The Sierra Club and the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) are jointly seeking judicial review of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's (CNSC) decision to transport and export the waste.

Bruce Power intends to send 16 steam radioactive generators through the lakes and across the Atlantic Ocean to Sweden for recycling.

Sierra Club executive director John Bennett said he wants a federal court to halt the plan because a proper environmental assessment was never completed.

"They should have brought on a complete environmental assessment, as opposed to ... hearings in which the public weren't really allowed to participate."

Bennett said the decision would set a precedent that could lead to more shipments of nuclear waste.... Read more »

Green groups urge feds to stall 'nuclear garbage' shipment

OTTAWA — Environmental groups have launched legal action to block a controversial plan to ship 16 radioactive, school-bus sized steam generators through the Great Lakes to a recycling plant in Sweden.

At a news conference Tuesday, John Bennett of the Sierra Club Canada said his organization joined with the Canadian Environmental Law Association to ask the Federal Court of Canada to conduct a judicial review of the reasons why the country's nuclear watchdog granted export and transfer licences to Bruce Power.

"Major policy changes in the handling of nuclear waste should not be made in an ad hoc fashion," Bennett said.

He said that appropriate transport policies must be in place before Bruce Power, the country's only private nuclear power generator, proceeds with the shipment because it could contaminate waters and because it sets a dangerous precedent.
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Submission to the Darlington New Nuclear Power Plant Project Joint Review Panel


There is no justification to accept either the expense or the risks of nuclear technology. All it takes is the courage to stand up to the nuclear lobby. Sierra Club Canada along with thousands of Ontarians is not convinced there is any justification for accepting the risks to health, the environment or the economy presented by the proposal to build additional nuclear reactors.
This attachment attempts to outline the concerns of Sierra Club Canada. By addressing the decision making process, need for the this project, the environmental and health risks and the economics of nuclear power we show this project is wrong for Ontario - wrong for Canada - just plain wrong.

Great Lakes are no place for radioactive cargo

The Great Lakes ecosystem is home to 20 per cent of the world’s fresh water — the largest reserve of fresh water on Earth. As it cascades from the centre of the North American continent through the St. Lawrence and out to the Atlantic Ocean, the Great Lakes system provides not only drinking water, but fish and often emotional and spiritual sustenance for more than 35 million people.

As Kevin McMahon compellingly illustrates in his award-winning 2009 documentary Waterlife, the Great Lakes today blend beauty with blemish, and are under assault by toxins, sewage, falling water levels and underwhelming governmental protection.

And the situation may have just gotten worse.
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