Energy Solutions

The energy used to drive our economy has a huge impact on our atmosphere.

The drastic increase in fossil fuel combustion over the last century has led to a corresponding increase in air pollution, poisonous mercury emissions from coal plants, acid rain. In addition to these more obvious impacts, the accumulation of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere has led to climate destabilization. In the prairie region this destabilization will likely lead to increased occurrences of drought and higher temperatures year-round.

Given these severe environmental and human health impacts it is imperative that we move toward sustainable energy production. Sierra Club of Canada advocates a sensible mix of solutions: reduced consumption combined with the highest possible energy efficiency, the deployment of renewables (wind, geothermal, biodiesel and solar), and a shift to the new, innovative technologies to move people and goods around.

Sustainable Energy Solutions are about much more than protecting the environment - the are also about protecting our communities and ensuring their long term health and viability. The Sierra Club of Canada - Prairie Chapter, is committed to working with communities to ensure that these solutions create a vibrant, yet sustainable economy that puts our citizens interests first - that means an employed and healthy community!

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