Green Jobs

More than 200,000 green jobs could easily be created in Alberta if the government made renewable energy a priority.

Green Jobs Groundbreaking Report Available

[2009] Commissioned by Greenpeace, Sierra Club Prairie Chapter and the Alberta Federation of Labour, the report Green Jobs: It's Time to Build Alberta's Future outlines how a green economy should look like.

Surveys show that 79% of Albertans agree that it is possible to have a strong economy while protecting the environment, and 78 % of Albertans prefer subsides for renewable and clean energy options in the future while only 11 per cent prefer subsidies for oil and gas development.

Provinces, like Ontario, as well as other countries worldwide are rising to the challenge of tackling climate change while also creating a sustainble energy economy with hundreds of thousands
of new jobs for their citizens - its time Alberta steps up to the plate!

As mentioned in the report, "Alberta can start right now, putting tens of thousands of Albertans back to work, building a cleaner, greener economy" (page 4).

For an overview, see the backgrounder document.
Green Jobs Full Report


This campaign has now been integrated into the RePower Alberta Campaign. You can vist the RePower website here.

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