Healthy Communities

Our health is deeply connected to the environment we live in.

Canadians increasingly recognize that a contaminated environment can hurt our health. In fact, according to a Health Canada poll, more than half of Canadians believe that environmental contamination has already hurt their health. Cancer rates are rising and asthma is an epidemic.

Sierra Club of Canada works to deliver a healthier environment for a healthy population by encouraging bans on toxic pesticide use for frivolous purposes, the clean up of toxic sites, reduction at source of dangerous substances, promoting both safe and sustainable agriculture, and the creation of communities that enable sustainable transportation, walk-able environments and access to natural places.

At the Sierra Club of Canada Prairie Chapter, we believe that urban environments can be sustainable. This also means that we believe in drawing attention and challenging the injustices that affect both many of our urban and non-urban communities. Disproportionate shares of toxic waste sites are located next to or downstream from our communities' most vulnerable and least politically powerful populations. We believe in challenging these realities and preventing their continued trends.

We believe that we all have the right to a safe and healthy environment.


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