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2011-08-09  |  John Bennett

Someone recently emailed me to say that the Harper government’s cutting 700 jobs at Environment Canada was no more than plain "vindictiveness".

It is tough to argue against that.

The environment is the only file where the government spin masters have failed to win the communications battle. The people being laid off are largely scientists associated with climate change and other areas that have embarrassed the government in the past (and will likely do so again in the future).

In my 30 years doing this work I have never been treated with such contempt and arrogance by a government. There is an utter refusal by the Harper government to even politely listen to reasoned argument.

But there is a qualitative difference between marginalizing environmental organizations and explaining a policy that is contradicted by your own government scientists and researchers. So getting rid of them will prevent future...

2011-08-09  |  Webmaster

Cartoon Source:Toronto Sun, August 6, 2011

2011-07-22  |  John Bennett

Canada's energy ministers met in Kananaskis this week. This was the first meeting since the meltdown of the Fukushima reactor in Japan. The first since the unprecedented floods in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Québec. The first since 900 temperature records were set in the United States. The first since the Town of Slave Lake was nearly destroyed by a wild fire. And it was taking place while Canada was in the midst of a record-setting heat and scientists were marveling over the appearance of an ice sheet off Newfoundland half the size of New York (that broke off in Greenland).

You would think the ministers might have been taking about what all this means to Canada and our future. Or at least what Canada should be doing energy wise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and phase-out nuclear power. At least I did, but then again I'm environmentalist and by definition an optimist.

No, instead of talking about climate change and clean...

2011-07-18  |  Webmaster


A big thanks to Christopher Gill for the great cartoon.

-- The Sierra Club Canada Team


A big thanks to Christopher Gill for the great cartoon.

-- The Sierra Club Canada Team


A big thanks to Christopher Gill for the great cartoon.

-- The Sierra Club Canada Team

JULY 2011


2011-05-24  |  Malaika Aleba

Before I left for Europe, I was worried about keeping in touch with my dogs, so logically, I tried to teach them how to skype. Lucky, the older one, arched his hairy-doggy eyebrows, gave me a few exasperated blinks with those dish-bowl eyes of his, and with a grumphumffafloof, plopped his head down on the living room floor.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he was saying. “I am old, don’t you get it? A Senior Canine Citizen. I’m exhausted enough guarding your home from potential feline intruders. Grumffumphaluff. I don’t have the energy to bark out the window AND bark at the computer screen. Humphalumphalumph,” he snorted. Silly human girl - don’t teach an old dog new tricks. Grummmmph,” he sighed, his body rising and falling like a gigantic breathing carpet.

I was happy my younger dog was more enthusiastic about the idea. “Skype! Skype! Skype!...

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