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2012-01-22  |  John Bennett

First, I want to apologize in advance for the length of this blog. So much has happened over the past week I can’t be pithy!

I want to start by thanking everyone who sent kind and encouraging words this week via email, phone, Facebook and Twitter. I also want to congratulate the 1300+ of you who proudly declared themselves “radicals” in their letters to Joe Oliver. The response has really overwhelmed me.

The Insightful Comment of the Week Award came from Day #1 of the Northern Gateway Pipeline hearings and goes to Ellis Ross, Haisla Nation Chief,  who said of Enbridge’s proposed pipeline: “No matter how idiot proof you make it, they just keep making better idiots”. I found this to be the ultimate precautionary statement, and a great way to kick-off the hearings!

As you are aware Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver kicked-off the week with a bizarre and...

2012-01-21  |  Webmaster

Did you know asbestos is allowed in Canadian Children’s toys?

See pg. 9 of this FAQ from the Canadian Environmental Law Association.

Please take a moment and Send an email to the Prime Minster and Minister of Health and tell them you want this situation change!

For more on asbestos dangers and the Government of Canada's immoral stand, see here.

2012-01-21  |  Webmaster

Foreign corporations, some controlled by national governments, have been using their economic clout to buy into Alberta's oil sands and take control of our natural resources.

U.S., French, British, Chinese, Thai, Korean and Norwegian interests have all bought stakes in oil-sands projects. According to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), international companies have invested nearly $20 billion in the last three years through mergers, partnerships and outright purchases of projects.

This increased foreign investment raises questions. Who has the right to develop our natural resources? Who sets the rules for how these resources are developed? Who controls where the resources are processed and sold?

One of the most recent major international investments came in November 2010, when Thailand's state-owned PTTEP bought a 40-per-cent stake in Statoil's Kai Kos Dehseh project for $2.3 billion. Statoil is a Norwegian company whose largest...

2012-01-17  |  Webmaster

For the latest news visit the Stop Castle Logging 
. To Take Action CLICK HERE.

Feb. 14th, Media Coverage
Protesters in Calgary and Edmonton rally against logging
Calgary Herald

2012-01-09  |  John Bennett

The Federal Government is engaged in an unprecedented campaign to damage the credibility of the environmental movement. In the latest move, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver (apparently replacing Environment Minister Peter Kent as the chief anti-environmentalist government spokesperson) submitted an “open letter” to the media. In it, he links “radicals and environmental groups” and charges they are against everything. 

As a father of three grown daughters and grandfather of one beautiful baby boy, I struggle with being called a radical. It’s true I work for a conservation organization. Sierra Club was founded in 1892 and has a long track record of drawing public attention to environmental issues and, perhaps more importantly, helping...

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