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2011-09-15  |  John Bennett

Last week I was invited to Bruce County Council to talk about climate change and wind turbines. It's part of our green energy campaign.

Bruce County, you may know, is home to the Bruce Nuclear Power Station - Canada's only privately run nuclear reactors.

The speaker before me was a Bruce PR guy giving a "regular update". He described Bruce Power's response to the ongoing nuclear accident at Fukushima: Spending $11 million on a new public relations campaign, new website and social networking strategy.

They can afford it! The Harris government signed a secret contract with the company guaranteeing it a cool $250 million annual profit.

I wonder how much Japan is spending on its Fukushima response???

But back to my talk - it went really well. My presentation had a good overview of our report on wind turbines and health. No one questioned the safety of turbines and, interestingly, the only question pertained to...

2011-08-22  |  John Bennett

Sierra Club Canada expresses our sincere condolences to Jack Layton's family and the millions of Canadians who are grieving his passing. He was taken from us far too soon. The environment has lost a great champion. Jack leaves a legacy of commitment, hard work and positive energy.

One personal experience I had with Jack was at a meeting in Darcy McGee's Pub (in Ottawa’s Byward Market). While the other party leaders were hiding from the issue, Jack met with me and a number of other environmental leaders to talk about automotive fuel economy regulations – a key component of any serious climate change action plan. I will never forget his incredible energy and humanness.

Another experience was an encounter in an airport in Frankfurt – where he bought me a coffee. We were waiting for our...

2011-08-09  |  Webmaster

A Dire Dilemma

By Emma O’Connor, August 8, 2011


In the north of Canada’s Alberta province, a handful of aboriginal First Nation communities grapple with a precarious balancing act. While they reap staggering economic benefits through collaboration with the nearby Tar Sands extraction industry, local doctors, environmentalists and citizens say the oil projects have dramatically harmed native health and lifestyle. This ongoing dilemma is perhaps most potent for the Fort McKay First Nation community, which winds its way through the oil sands and sits less than 40 kilometers north of some of Alberta’s largest excavation sites.


2011-08-09  |  John Bennett

Someone recently emailed me to say that the Harper government’s cutting 700 jobs at Environment Canada was no more than plain "vindictiveness".

It is tough to argue against that.

The environment is the only file where the government spin masters have failed to win the communications battle. The people being laid off are largely scientists associated with climate change and other areas that have embarrassed the government in the past (and will likely do so again in the future).

In my 30 years doing this work I have never been treated with such contempt and arrogance by a government. There is an utter refusal by the Harper government to even politely listen to reasoned argument.

But there is a qualitative difference between marginalizing environmental organizations and explaining a policy that is contradicted by your own government scientists and researchers. So getting rid of them will prevent future...

2011-08-09  |  Webmaster

Cartoon Source:Toronto Sun, August 6, 2011

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