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2011-12-09  |  John Bennett

This morning when I woke up, I saw that I received an email from Graham Saunders. Graham’s email really summarizes the situation in Durban succinctly and I wanted to share it with you.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment and send a message to the Prime Minister and Federal Environment Minister telling them to uphold Canada's reputation and do what's right in Durban! After reading the post below, I know you will!

– John Bennett, Executive Director, Sierra Club Canada


2011-10-14  |  John Bennett

We got the word last night. The federal government won't be funding the Canadian Environmental Network (CEN) any more. The network consists of 600 groups from coast to coast to coast.

The news came about the same time Heritage Minister James Moore tweeted the announcement of his new War of 1812 iPhone App - part of a $29 million program to celebrate a 200 year old war.

CEN is a coordinating body that doesn't take stands. It just helps environmental organizations network and facilitates communication with the federal government. It’s the very definition of non-partisan. 

Don't be fooled. This isn't about austerity. It's vindictive petty politics - part of a systematic campaign by right-wing...

2011-09-22  |  John Bennett

Read a national post on the flight this morning. Seems the latest non-issue in the Ontario election is a carbon tax. Conservatives are saying the Liberals will impose one.

Back in the in 2008 Prime Minister Harper said the Dion Green Shift, which proposed a carbon tax, would somehow "screw everybody".

If carbon taxes screw everybody why haven't the tax-cutting Conservative cut the $1.5 billion carbon tax Canadians are paying to the oil companies? Yes, that's right. Canadians are paying federal taxes so the government can hand the money over to those poor struggling oil companies.

Talisman, you may remember, used some of our carbon tax money to fund Canada's climate deniers - the "Friends of Science" (talk about Orwellian).

Interestingly the Friends flatly denied taking oil money in conversation with me.

The irony of the week? Environment Canada is slashing...

2011-09-22  |  Webmaster

Be sure to watch this powerful rant by Rick Mercer on Canada’s outrageous behavior on asbestos. It's a must-see! It originally aired on September 20, 2011.

2011-09-15  |  John Bennett

Last week I was invited to Bruce County Council to talk about climate change and wind turbines. It's part of our green energy campaign.

Bruce County, you may know, is home to the Bruce Nuclear Power Station - Canada's only privately run nuclear reactors.

The speaker before me was a Bruce PR guy giving a "regular update". He described Bruce Power's response to the ongoing nuclear accident at Fukushima: Spending $11 million on a new public relations campaign, new website and social networking strategy.

They can afford it! The Harris government signed a secret contract with the company guaranteeing it a cool $250 million annual profit.

I wonder how much Japan is spending on its Fukushima response???

But back to my talk - it went really well. My presentation had a good overview of our report on wind turbines and health. No one questioned the safety of turbines and, interestingly, the only question pertained to...

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