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2011-03-14  |  John Bennett

I've been hesitating.

It's not like me but what's happening in Japan has given me pause.

Before it's over we may see radiation spread around the entire Pacific. People won't be incinerated - but thousands could develop cancers and fade away in agony.

Meanwhile Michael Binder, head of Canada's nuclear safety commission, will be all over the media assuring us there is “nothing to worry about”, that “CANDUs are different … They’re a different technology” and that there is no earthquake risk: “They’re not near fault lines.”

So were Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

There is always a way to spin the story but, spin aside, we are taking tremendous, unjustified risks in Canada.  We owe it to our children and theirs to stop the insanity.

My heart goes out to the people of Japan tonight and the heroic nuclear workers...

2011-03-02  |  John Bennett

Calgary Herald, March 2, 2011
Letter to the Editor
Re: “Oil's well: Let's starts countering smears against oilsands”, Editorial (March 1)

I'd agree the oil industry has failed to tell its “whole story”. I'd like to think it just didn't understand how to do it, but it’s likely for a darker reason.

Canada made a solemn commitment to future generations when we ratified the Kyoto Protocol - a legally binding treaty - and promised to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

We can keep our promise, and develop the tar sands too, but that would require using some of the tar sands wealth to accelerate GHG reductions in other parts of the economy.

Stephen Harper called that scenario "screwing everybody" and no one in the industry spoke up. No one said “we’re prepared...

2011-03-01  |  Bryn M


Speaker:  Sheila Muxlow
Director, Sierra Club Prairie
with an invited political panel

Sunday, March 13, 2011
1:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Beverages and Raffle Prize viewing at 1:15 p.m.
Riverdale Community Hall
9231 100 Avenue, Edmonton



Where are we now?
What would be different with a progressive government?
What would and could the progressive parties do in government that is different from the Conservatives and Wildrose Alliance?

Invited:  Representatives of the
Alberta Liberals, Alberta NDP, Alberta Party & Vision 2012 (new Greens)

Update on DRP’s strategy
Social hour with live music - fiddle &...

2011-02-21  |  Stephen Hazell

In January 2011, CBC reported that the federal Cabinet confirmed the decision of the National Energy Board to approval the $16 billion Mackenzie Gas Project.  But don’t expect the excavators, backhoes and barges to swing into action in the Mackenzie Valley any time soon, if ever.  

The MGP is a lot like Monty Python’s Norwegian Blue parrot. It may still have beautiful plumage but, as John Cleese might say, it appears to be bereft of life—despite the spin of government and Imperial Oil, the lead proponent. The oil companies’ project team was disbanded and its Northern offices were closed several years ago. Engineering and fieldwork has stopped.  The northern bureaucracy that was supporting the licensing of the MGP is also gone--the Inuvik-based Northern Pipeline Gas Secretariat was abruptly shut down and staff members laid off a year ago.

The oil companies never committed publicly to building the MGP, and Imperial Oil told...

2011-02-16  |  Sheila Muxlow

Lots of love for the environment on Valentines day this year.


Greenpeace set up this sadly honest satire under the name: Polluter Harmony, showcasing the closeness between our present government and big oil interests -


Similarly Velcor Ripper's 'Evolve Love' trailer draws out themes about love and climate change furthering the maximum that 'love is the movement' for revolution -


Adding to the mix, numerous groups from the West coast sent in this strongly worded letter to CN rail - confronting the idea of moving tar sands by train to the BC coast  (see full letter below)


CN Headquarters
935 de La Gauchetière Street West

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