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2011-01-28  |  Bryn M

Tipping Point: The Age of the Oil Sands is a two-hour visual tour de force, taking viewers inside the David and Goliath struggle playing out within one of the most compelling environmental issues of our time.  

In an oil-scarce world, we know there are sacrifices to be made in the pursuit of energy.  What no one expected was that a tiny Native community downriver from Canada’s oil sands would reach out to the world, and be heard.

Directed by Edmonton filmmakers Tom Radford and Niobe Thompson of Clearwater Media, and hosted by Dr. David Suzuki, this special presentation of The Nature of Things goes behind the headlines to reveal how a groundbreaking new research project triggered a tipping point for the Alberta oil sands.

Read the entire article here.

Watch the video...

2011-01-24  |  Sheila Muxlow

Because of an appeal by local people on the environmental and health impacts from the project!

As far as we know, this is a recent, if not a first, move for the Alberta SDAB.

Gravel mining can have major impacts on the local ecosystems and hydrological systems within a region. The process demands drilling into the earth, disturbing layers of earth and clay risking the distruption of aquifers and ground water systems. Toxic waste from quarry operations can contaminate our communities water supply, endangering public health. Rock dust can also damage air quality and health of people living near the mine. For more information on the risks of gravel mining in Alberta please read Battling Gravel Goliaths by Water Matters.

Although SDAB decisions across jurisdiction do not create legal precedent, they are definitely useful politically and will serve to help the growing local...

2011-01-24  |  Bryn M
On his first week on the job as Environment Minister, Peter Kent came out swinging to defend the tar sands as ‘ethical oil’ and claiming the tar sands are ‘regulated’. Mr. Kent needs to know that leaking toxic waste, soaring global warming pollution, and habitat and species destruction are anything but ethical.   Enter to win an iPad while helping our new federal Environment Minister understand the ethics of his role as the elected official responsible for reversing the growth of pollution from the tar sands.  

Enter the contest to win an iPad!

2011-01-20  |  John Bennett

We have a new environment Minister and, as usual, a new spin to go with him. He wasn't in the job a whole day before he starting talking about "ethical oil" - an oxymoron to most of us, but a popular line in right-wing circles these days.

The next day the Prime Minister made it official when used the same phrase.

Like any good diversionary tactic it has all of us scrambling to come up with the right arguments to refute the notion that there is such a thing as ethical oil, and do the tar sands qualify?

Lookout! It's a debating trap designed to change the argument from what's wrong with the tar sands to what's good about them. A clever trick - but that's all it is.

So when the Globe and Mail asked me to react to this new government spin, I didn't try to argue poisoning fish, wildlife and the people who eat them is just as unethical as denying Saudi women equal rights or hanging protesters Nigeria. Frankly I don...

2011-01-12  |  Bryn M

Join us for this special Canmore event...
B.C.'s Flathead River Valley: Protect It Now!


Flathead Nov poster header.jpg


Please join us for an evening of extraordinary images and speakers, to support permanent protection for B.C.'s Flathead River Valley. The Flathead adjoins Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and is a key link in the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative.

Speakers include Harvey Locke from the Wild Foundation, Casey Brennan from Wildsight and Sarah Cox from Sierra Club BC.

The evening includes a display of photographs taken during a 2009 Flathead RAVE (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition)...

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