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2011-02-16  |  Sheila Muxlow

Lots of love for the environment on Valentines day this year.


Greenpeace set up this sadly honest satire under the name: Polluter Harmony, showcasing the closeness between our present government and big oil interests -


Similarly Velcor Ripper's 'Evolve Love' trailer draws out themes about love and climate change furthering the maximum that 'love is the movement' for revolution -


Adding to the mix, numerous groups from the West coast sent in this strongly worded letter to CN rail - confronting the idea of moving tar sands by train to the BC coast  (see full letter below)


CN Headquarters
935 de La Gauchetière Street West

2011-02-16  |  John Bennett

Minister Kent,

I want to apologize for filling your email box. It was my somewhat crude means of demonstrating to you that Sierra Club’s position on climate change is widely supported.  

It is not a complicated position. We believe it’s a moral responsibility to take real action on climate change for the benefit of future Canadians and people around the world.

We also believe our actions need not be the economic Armageddon some members of your government have suggested. This difference of opinion might be the result of a mutual misunderstanding stemming from your government's refusal to sit down and talk about the global climate crisis. We have been trading insults but not much more.

Like most Canadian environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs), Sierra Club Canada is non-partisan. We have a long...

2011-02-11  |  John Bennett

Dear Premier Stelmach,

A decade ago I sat through several presentations on the Alberta Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) approach, adopted and employed by your government, to deal with flaring and natural gas venting.

CASA was established in March 1994 as a ‘new’ way to manage air quality in Alberta. Composed of representatives of industry, government and non-government organizations, the body was tasked with finding a solution and the government would act on their recommendations. And it worked - all expressed great admiration for the approach, process and outcome.

I'm wondering why your government abandoned it.

The government’s recent announcement of a new ‘monitoring panel’ is worrying. Starkly different from the open and inclusive CASA approach, the panel is dominated by industry and excludes key stakeholders, including local residents.

It’s no wonder...

2011-01-31  |  Bryn M

Tar Sands protest at the Canadian High Commission marks Minister’s visit

[LONDON]. This morning a group of campaigners protested outside the Canadian High Commission in London, to mark the visit of Ron Liepert, Alberta’s Energy Minister. The minister is here to lobby on behalf of the Province of Alberta’s Tar Sands industry, and encourage Europe to get more involved in what has been dubbed the world’s most destructive project.

The protesters held banners saying “Stop the Tar Sands Trade Talks” and “Canadian Tar Sands: Global Climate Crime” outside the High Commission in Grosvenor Square, and handed out flyers. There was heavy security, and they were not allowed to meet the Minster himself, nor even hand in a letter for him, explaining their concerns.

Unbeknownst to most citizens, the EU and Canada are in the midst of negotiating an ambitious free trade deal (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade...

2011-01-28  |  Bryn M

Tipping Point: The Age of the Oil Sands is a two-hour visual tour de force, taking viewers inside the David and Goliath struggle playing out within one of the most compelling environmental issues of our time.  

In an oil-scarce world, we know there are sacrifices to be made in the pursuit of energy.  What no one expected was that a tiny Native community downriver from Canada’s oil sands would reach out to the world, and be heard.

Directed by Edmonton filmmakers Tom Radford and Niobe Thompson of Clearwater Media, and hosted by Dr. David Suzuki, this special presentation of The Nature of Things goes behind the headlines to reveal how a groundbreaking new research project triggered a tipping point for the Alberta oil sands.

Read the entire article here.

Watch the video...

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