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2011-04-06  |  John Bennett

When asbestos is cut, ground-up or disturbed, tiny fibres become airborne where they stay for a long time. People working with, or around, asbestos end up with these tiny fibres embedded deep in their lungs.

What happens next is not pretty - the tiny asbestos fibres lead to:
  • pleural diseases and plaques (thickening/hardening of the lining that covers the lungs & chest);
  • mesothelioma and other kinds of lung cancer; and
  • cancers of the larynx and digestive system, including cancer of the esophagus, stomach and colon.

At first, people are short of breath when they do any kind of physical activity. This condition gets progressive worse until people are short of breath even when they are resting. Eventually they cannot breathe.

That’s why Stephen Harper’s support for the asbestos industry is irresponsible vote pandering.

The leader of the Conservative...

2011-04-04  |  Emma Cane

By Emma Cane

Photo: Min. of Natural Resources

The United Nations has declared 2011 as “International Year of Forests” in hopes of raising global awareness of sustainable forest management, conservation and the living legacy to be passed on to future generations. But what does that mean to us?

Over 1/6 of the world depends on forests for their livelihoods. Whether its work in the timber industry, pulp and paper, non-timber forest products, agrofroestry, or value-added forest products such as reclaimed wood furniture and building materials; the World Bank estimates that 1.6 billion people rely on forests to put food on their tables and even to make their tables they’re eating on. Additionally, the World Bank reports that roughly 300 million people live in forests: their survival challenged by the ever growing encroachment of urban areas. However for many of us who live in urban areas, forest resources are something that we take for...

2011-03-28  |  John Bennett

Well, the election that nobody wants is upon us.

We're not partisan, so we don't back a particular party. But we are not disinterested - Sierra Club Canada has a purpose and it has been thoroughly thwarted for the last five years.

So what should our role be in an election? 

Some advise a long-term approach of getting along with all parties, believing the logic of our arguments and truth of our facts will eventually win them all over. This approach prevents you from saying anything too critical during an election as to not alienate the winner. 

Some suggest targeted intervention, drawing attention to party positions and promises. Done in a fair and open way, and treating all parties the same, report cards and other comparisons at least give voters a sense of how the environment might fair after an election.

Some say speak out loudly and advocate for the party with the best platform and the candidates offering the best...

2011-03-28  |  Webmaster

Sierra Club Canada Submission To The Darlington New Nuclear Power Plant Project Joint Panel
(CEAR Reference Number: 07-05-29525)

February 21, 2011


2011-03-14  |  John Bennett

I've been hesitating.

It's not like me but what's happening in Japan has given me pause.

Before it's over we may see radiation spread around the entire Pacific. People won't be incinerated - but thousands could develop cancers and fade away in agony.

Meanwhile Michael Binder, head of Canada's nuclear safety commission, will be all over the media assuring us there is “nothing to worry about”, that “CANDUs are different … They’re a different technology” and that there is no earthquake risk: “They’re not near fault lines.”

So were Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

There is always a way to spin the story but, spin aside, we are taking tremendous, unjustified risks in Canada.  We owe it to our children and theirs to stop the insanity.

My heart goes out to the people of Japan tonight and the heroic nuclear workers...

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