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2010-10-17  |  Malaika Aleba

As we reach mid-October, daylight is being squished, its ends consumed by winter's approach, and soon it will dwindle down to just a depressing concentration of mid-day hours. Snow will fall, and people, of course, will complain - on the radio, to each other, in their blogs, and in their facebook status updates. Nobody likes Edmonton when it's dark and cold. Websites like WestJet and will get more visitors as Edmontonians plan their next great escape to hot vacation spots with water well above freezing temperatures. I, however, will be staying right here from the first frost all the way till Christmas's end, as I have done nearly every Christmas for the past twenty-two years.

Come the end of my fall term classes, I'll drive with my family to  the city's outskirts to spend a day or two with my Oma and Opa at their acreage. I remember such roadtrips to my grandparents' home since before I know how to spell 'remember....

2010-10-17  |  Malaika Aleba

This blog explores the connections we Albertans have to the environment.  It is easy to see the environment as just something pretty to look at through the window or as something we need to bravely navigate through to get from the car to the doorstep during our harsh Albertan winters. It can be tempting to relegate the environment to flower-doodle status in the margins of our day-to-day to-do lists; but, we need to remember that nature is not something outside of us. By pushing it aside, we forget that it is a part of us, and that quite frankly, when it comes to our well-being, it's as integral as an intestine.

My humble bit of the blogosphere is to be filled with stories about, and interviews with all sorts of people and their various relationships to the environment. In Little Stories, you will also find my own personal environmental memories as well as discussions of current environmental issues facing Albertan...

2010-10-14  |  Sheila Muxlow

In less than a week, people in Alberta will take to the polls to vote in muncipal leaders to make decisions for their communities. Thankfully there are a  number of initiatives out there to help us make the choice that will most benefit the health of our communities and ecosystems. Take a moment to check out the following links and find the candidate that best represents your needs!


Our Water is Not for Sale Network - Muncipal Survey on Water Rights for Ecosystems, Human needs and Treaty Rights


Canadian Cancer Society - Municipal Survey on Pesticides; Smoke Free Parks & Smoke Free Vehicles


2010-10-13  |  Stephen Hazell


MR. HAZELL: Thank you, Mr. Chair and Panel Members.

This will be the final submission on behalf of Sierra Club Prairie.

In meeting its responsibilities to consider whether the Project is in the public interest and whether or not it has significant adverse environmental effects, Sierra Club Prairie would like to suggest that the following two questions are very relevant to your deliberations:

  1. Firstly, will the Joslyn North Mine Project as proposed deliver valuable and lasting overall benefits and avoid significant adverse environmental effects?
  2. Secondly, will the Joslyn North Mine Project contribute to achieving a sustainable energy future for Alberta?

Sierra Club Prairie submits that these are the right questions to ask, not the only questions to ask, but certainly right questions to ask, and we submit that in both of...

2010-10-12  |  Sheila Muxlow
No Tar Sands, No Tankers, No Pipeline, No Problem

What: Solidarity Rally!
When: SATURDAY OCTOBER 16th, 1pm
Where: Gazebo Park (next to Strathcona Farmer's Market), Edmonton

No Tar Sands, No Tankers, No Pipeline, No Problem - Clean Energy Now!

Stand in solidarity with communities from Alberta to the BC coast fighting the Tar Sands, the most environmentally devastating project in human history. There will be rallies happening on Oct.16th and 17th in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and in Prince George to send the message loud and clear that the extraction and transportation of dirty oil is NOT the answer!

The Enbridge pipeline would carry tar sands crude oil from Alberta to Kitimat and the coastal waters of BC. The pipeline is estimated to cross over 1000 rivers and streams and would result in tanker traffic through the Douglas Channel putting the sensitive eco-system in jeopardy. Much of the pipeline route, and the...

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