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2013-03-07  |  Paul Beckwith



By Paul Beckwith

The Arctic region of our planet acts as a climatic air conditioner, and the air conditioner is conking out. We have a problem Houston.

Over the past few weeks, massive cracks have appeared in the ice that connects the Beaufort Gyre region to Alaska. As a result of last summer’s record sea ice-loss, the winter ‘refreezing’ process went dismally and the surface area and thickness never...

2013-03-07  |  John Bennett

By John Bennett

A few weeks ago, the US Ambassador to Canada hinted that Canada would need to clean up its environmental act if it wanted to see the Keystone XL Pipeline approved. The ambassador was then followed by newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry, who left a similar impression at a news conference. Of course, all this came on the heels of very strong statements on climate change by President Obama in his recent State of the Union address.

Greenwash Action Plan

Predictably, this set off a hastily arranged PR campaign. The federal and Alberta governments immediately made travel plans and headed south, all the while pronouncing the ‘green-ness’ of Canada and the ‘amazing’ environmental achievements happening in Alberta. Then came the re-re-announcement of a 2012 re-announcement of...

2013-03-04  |  Gordon Edwards


Gordon Edwards is President of the 
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility



Weapons-Grade Uranium and the Hiroshima Bomb


I and many others have long been opposed to the continued use of weapons-grade uranium at Chalk River. It is gratifying that the Government of Canada recently announced they will be phasing out the use of Weapons Grade Uranium at Chalk River in 2016, but even that is pushing the envelope. This practice should have been discontinued many years ago. It sets a terrible precedent for the...

2013-02-22  |  Gordon Edwards


Gordon Edwards is President of the 
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility


With regard to the planned Chalk River shipments of 23,000 litres of high level radioactive liquid waste containing 175 kilograms of highly enriched uranium:

There are two issues which are perhaps being confused.

The first is the question of proliferation through the possible diversion and/or storing of weapons-grade materials like HEU.

The second is the safety and environmental considerations in shipping 23,000 litres...

2013-02-22  |  John Bennett

By John Bennett

There is a lot of confusion these days over just what the fight over the Keystone XL pipeline is all about. Why would 35,000 people journey to Washington to chant slogans in the freezing cold?  I know a bit about being out in the cold, both literally and metaphorically. Neither is pleasant. So there must be something more to this than meets the eye, right? After all, isn’t North America already crisscrossed with thousands of miles of pipeline transporting oil and natural gas? None of those pipelines sparked international attention during their construction. Having been at the climate forefront for more than two decades, I see the development of this issue all too clearly.

Never before has the environmental movement been required to change governments to get action. Since Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring, governments have grudgingly accepted responsibility to act in protection of public health and the environment. Never...

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