P.E.I. pesticide ban to differ from Nova Scotia's

CBC News
Date published: 
Mon, 2010-03-22

P.E.I.'s pesticide ban — which comes into effect April 1 — differs from legislation proposed in Nova Scotia, meaning a different set of lawn care products could be sold on either side of the Northumberland Strait.

P.E.I.'s banned list includes more than 240 products, many of which contain the chemical 2,4-D. It also includes any pesticide sold in concentrated or granular form.

Additional Excerpt:

"The list is a good start, but it's too short," said Tony Reddin, P.E.I. spokesman for the Sierra Club of Canada.

Reddin wants to know when the P.E.I. government will ban more chemicals or, he said, "We think the better choice would be to base the restrictions on a list of substances that would be allowed. That would be much easier to keep track of, instead of trying to continually add to a list."

Nova Scotia is set to take this approach.

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