Sierra Club Atlantic Cheers as Nova Scotia Bans Cosmetic Pesticides

Calls on other Atlantic Provinces to Follow Suit

Halifax - The Sierra Club Canada - Atlantic Canada Chapter jubilantly applauds Tuesday's announcement of a province-wide ban on cosmetic pesticides in Nov Scotia. The ban will apply to the use and sale all pesticides, except those explicitly deemed "low risk". The ban will apply to the lawn application of pesticides next year, and all shrubs, flowers, and trees in 2012.

"This is wonderful news, “ says Janet Eaton, International Campaigner for Sierra Club Canada, "Like many Sierra Club members, I have spent countless hours working towards this day.  I am absolutely thrilled that soon my own grandchildren and all children will be able to play safely on any lawn in this province.”

Sierra Club is calling for other Atlantic provinces to follow Nova Scotia's lead and ban the sale and use of pesticides. In PEI, 240 pesticides are banned, but the ban only applied to lawns (not flower gardens and trees). New Brunswick has a ban similar to PEI’s for 200 products, but the ban is specific to a single pesticide chemical (whereas 84 chemicals have been banned in Ontario), lawn care companies can still apply pesticides, and pesticides are still permitted on school grounds, parks, sports fields and other locations where children congregate and play. In Newfoundland and Labrador, municipalities have called on the province to ban pesticides, and the issue is currently subject to intense debate.

"Evidence continues to mount about the impact these chemicals have on our health, " says Tony Reddin, member of the Atlantic Canada Chapter's Executive Committee. "We need other governments to follow Nova Scotia's lead and to work together to protect the public."

"Aside from protecting human health, pesticide bans can create more jobs in the landscaping sector and people move to more organic methods," says Gretchen Fitzgerald, Director of the Atlantic Canada Chapter, "I hope that this ban - and perhaps other like it in our region - can be part of a shift to a greener and healthier society here in Atlantic Canada."

Sierra Club members will be watching closely to ensure that truly “low risk” chemicals are allowed to be used as pesticides in Nova Scotia. They are also urging the province to work with forestry, agriculture, golf courses (currently exempt from the ban) to reduce and ultimately end their use of pesticides.

For more information, please contact:

Janet Eaton, International Campaigner, Sierra Club Canada, 902-542-1631 or
Tony Reddin, Executive Committee, Sierra Club Canada – Atlantic Canada Chapter, 902- 675-4093 or
Gretchen Fitzgerald, Director, Sierra Club Canada – Atlantic Canada Chapter at 902-444-3113 or

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