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Sustainable Energy Solutions are about protecting the environment and our communities to ensure the long-term health and viability of both. The Sierra Club of Canada – Prairie Chapter, is committed to working with communities to ensure that these solutions create a vibrant, yet sustainable economy that puts our citizens interests first - that means an employed and healthy community!

Healthy Communities

Our health is deeply connected to the environment we live in. Canadians increasingly recognize that a contaminated environment can hurt our health. In fact, according to a Health Canada poll, more than half of Canadians believe that environmental contamination has already hurt their health. Cancer rates are rising and asthma is an epidemic.We all have the right to a safe and healthy community. We work with communities to ensure that this right is respected and maintained.

Protecting Biodiversity

It is difficult to quantify the value of wilderness. Human constructions cannot compare to the simple efficiency of the forest’s ability to clean our air and water. The vast grasslands of the prairies cycle nutrients from the atmosphere into the earth to provide sustenance to plants and animals. The ice of the North powers a global heat exchange system that drives the winds and ocean currents of the Earth. The wild places of the Earth can teach us more about Nature and ourselves than any human made artifice – but only if they survive our mistakes.

Training and Support

As a grassroots organization, one of our goals is to support you to create change in your community. We can provide you with the skills and information that can help you find answers and solutions for environmental issues that affect you.

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