Nova Scotia Coalition for Climate Action

The Nova Scotia Coalition for Climate Action formed to coordinate organizations focused on creating just solutions to climate action through provincial and national initiatives. The NSCCA is made up of environmental, faith-based, social justice, and education organizations as well as concerned individuals.

Key activities Sierra Club has engaged in with the NSCCA include:

  • coordinating annual Day of Climate Action activities for Nova Scotia;
  • hosting expert panels on topics ranging from UN climate negotiations to impacts of tar sands on downstream communities; and
  • encouraging local leaders to support Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act.

For more details on the Nova Scotia Coalition for Climate Action, please go here or contact Gretchen Fitzgerald at (902) 444-3113 or

Call for a Moratorium on Oil and Gas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Action Deadline: 
Sun, 2012-12-30 23:00

Submit Your Comments to the C-NLOPB Today!


The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board is accepting comments on their strategic environmental assessment for oil and gas off Western Newfoundland. Although we question the legitimacy of the consultation process, our silence could mean rigs are allowed in to our Gulf as soon as next year!

Please write your comments to the Board by emailing here:

Make sure to CCStephen Harper - Prime Minister of Canada:, Thomas Mulcair - Leader of the New Democratic Party:, Bob Rae - Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada:, Vivian Barbot - Leader of the Bloc Québécois:, Elizabeth May - Leader of the Green Party of Canada:, Hon. Kathy Dunderdale- Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador:, Hon. Pauline Marois  - Premier of Québec:, Hon. Darryl Dexter - Premier of Nova Scotia:, Hon. Robert Ghiz - Premier of Prince Edward Island:, Hon. David Alward - Premier of New Brunswick:

Some things you want to raise:

1. Ask for the Board to tell you how your comments are being used to protect the Gulf and let them know consultation process was inadequate (Federal Envirnment Minister Kent stated that "thorough consulation" was required as part of the assessment);
2. 2. Endangered blue whales are found in the Gulf - and their migratory pathway is right next to where they want to drill. Lots of other endangered and theatenned species are found there too like leatherback turtles and imperiled cod stocks: how will these species be protected?
3. How will coastal communities and national treasures, like Gros Morne National Park, be protected from a massive spill like BP’s?
4. Tell them you want a moratorium as this is the only way to protect this precious ecosystem, shared by five of Canada's provinces.

For more detals on the Western Newfoundland Strategic Envirnmental Assessment, please go here:



The shoreline of the Gulf of St. Lawrence -  the magnificent St. Lawrence River, the sandy beaches of Prince Edwards Island, the breathtaking vistas of Cape Breton, and the rugged shores of Newfoundland - are iconic Canadian seascapes.

The Gulf contains a variety of habitats, ranging from deep-sea corals to sandy clam beds, and is home to over 2000 marine species - including the endangered blue whale and imperiled cod stocks.

Five Canadian provinces bound the Gulf: Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Ocean currents in Gulf mean that what happens in one part of the Gulf could impact the entire region.

Right now, however, offshore oil and gas regulators act like their “piece” of the Gulf has no connection with the others: as a result, the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board, acting alone, allowed seismic testing to go ahead at an oil lease in the middle of the Gulf - known as "Old Harry" - in October 2010.

Organizations, scientists, and concerned individuals have joined together to stop oil and gas in the Gulf. Our worst fear is that a spill on a scale of that which occurred in the Gulf of Mexico would damage the entire Gulf of St. Lawrence. We need your help now to stop oil and gas in the Gulf!

Write to the Prime Minister, Federal Party Leaders, and Gulf Premiers:

Contact info for the leaders:
Prime Minsiter Stephen Harper,
NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair,
Bloc Quebecois Leader Daneile Paillé (online form):
LIberal Leader Bob Rae,
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May
NS Premier Darrell Dexter
NL Premier Kathy Dunderdale,
NB Premier David Alward,
PEI Premier Robert Ghiz
Premier Jean Charest (Online form)

You can use our draft letter to get you atarted, but please remember, personalized letters expressing your concerns are far more effective!... Read more »

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