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The University of Victoria's POLIS Project on Ecological Governance, in partnership with Simon Fraser University's Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT), recently released the new report “Cross-Canada Checkup: A Canadian Perspective on Our Water Future.” Taking the national pulse on fresh water, the report offers a first-hand account of the state of water across the country, and outlines the water challenges and priorities facing Canadians. 

“Cross-Canada Checkup” offers a synthesis of themes, perspectives, and information from the Forum for Leadership on Water's fall 2011 national water discussion series tour. It reports on what water expert Bob Sandford (UN Water for Life Decade) heard from the panellists and audiences during the 16-city tour, and illustrates the interrelatedness of many water issues common to all Canadians. It also explores the Northwest Territories’ groundbreaking new water stewardship strategy as a model for water policy reform in the rest of Canada.

Across the country, Canadians are passionate about the protection of water and willing to engage with challenging issues that have the potential to impact water quality and quantity. Although each province and territory faces a unique set of water-related concerns, there are overarching themes that cut across borders.

The report outlines the emerging need for a new national vision for understanding the value of water in this country and for using it in its wisest and most sustainable way possible, now and in the future. A main focus is the need for a national water strategy, and improved cooperation and collaboration regarding water resource management in Canada.

Electronic copies of “Cross-Canada Checkup: A Canadian Perspective on Our Water Future” can be downloaded from the POLIS Water Sustainability Project website at and the ACT website at

“Cross-Canada Checkup” was also the focus of a POLIS webinar on May 29. For more information on the webinar, please visit

For further information please contact Laura Brandes, communications director at the POLIS Water Sustainability Project, at or 250-721-8189.




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