RePower Alberta

RePower Alberta campaign launches!

RePower Alberta is calling on the Alberta Government to implement a Green Energy Strategy. After decades of riding the roller-coaster of the fossil fuel sectors’ boom and bust cycles, the time has come for Alberta to forge a new energy path. Renewable energy resources and green just solutions are ready and waiting to meet our increasing energy demands.

RePower Alberta is a growing network of concerned groups, communities and individuals committed to building our green energy future for Alberta.

Sierra Club Prairie & Greenpeace Canada present, RePower Alberta: Building the Green Economy, urging the AB gov implement a Green Energy Strategy.

The 2010 Province-wide green tour, ‘RePower Alberta: Building the Green Economy’, seeing leaders in various sectors of the green jobs economy talking about the growing economic and community benefits of moving to a green economy and how to start laying the stepping stones in getting there.

To learn more about the campaign and how to get your community involved, please visit

Sign the RePower Alberta PETITION calling upon the Alberta government to implement a Green Energy Policy!

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