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Advancing Renewable Energy In the Atlantic Provinces


A key component of accelerating the deployment of clean renewable energy sources is a policy known as the Feed-in Tariff (FIT). Under FITs, governments set cost-based rates for various types of renewable energy to allow modest
profits to all interested developers of renewable energy technologies.

Generating electricity from local renewable energy sources can help decentralize electricity production while functioning as an industrial development engine to stimulate business in local economies across the region. This can help restore a
sense of sustainability and self-reliance in the Atlantic Provinces.




Increased public awareness over climate change, supported by visual evidence of melting ice caps and more intense storms and hurricanes has jolted governments around the world to review, reconsider, and rethink their positions on greenhouse gas emissions and realize that significant measures need to be adopted to profoundly reduce climate destabilizing emissions. One of the measures identified in this process has been the need to promote and expand clean renewable energy generation.
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Sustainable Energy Coalition

Energy & Climate Change

Atlantic Canada Sustainable Energy Coalition

The Atlantic Canada Sustainable Energy Coalition (ACSEC) is a strategic alliance of organizations aimed at promoting on-the-ground solutions to climate change in Atlantic Canada. Our focus is on educating decision-makers and empowering communities. The ultimate goal of the ACSEC is to ensure that Eastern Canada reduces greenhouse gas emissions to 25-30% below 1990 levels by 2020 through the promotion of empowered and prosperous communities engaged in a low-carbon energy future.

Key Objective of the ACSEC are to achieve ghg emission reductions through energy efficiency, improving building codes and reducing vehicle emission standards, and promoting distributed renewable energy.

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Energy & Climate Change

Energy & Climate Change

Working with local volunteers and organizations, Sierra Club Atlantic is pushing for just solutions to climate change from local, regional, and national perspective.

Water Wizards

Elementary Education Programs

Water Wizards

In 2007 Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter successfully developed and piloted this new water resource education program, "Water Wizards". It was accepted for curriculum by the PEI Department of Education, delivered to about 500 students in 6 elementary schools on PEI in early 2008, and received with lots of enthusiasm from students, teachers and administration. We established a good working relationship with watershed protection groups in central PEI, and presently have endorsement for this program from the Wheatley River, West River and Hunter River Watershed groups, the Environmental Coalition of PEI, the Cooper Institute, and the Council of Canadians.
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Coastal Caretakers

Elementary Education Programs

Coastal Curriculum

The Sierra Club of Canada – Atlantic Canada Chapter’s Coastal Education Program will bring the seashore to you! It will give students a deeper understanding of the unique ecosystems of the Atlantic shoreline. Through participation in our hands-on, interactive presentations students will increase their ecological knowledge, acquire new stewardship skills and learn all about their role as Coastal Caretakers. Have your class join us as we use games, hands-on activities, slide shows, crafts and discussion to bring the Atlantic Coast right in your own classroom.

Check out more detailed sections below for the following grade level programs:

Grades Primary - 2: Coastal Treasure Chest

Grades 3 - 4: High Tide Habitat

Grades 5 - 6: Seaweed in our Icecream!?!

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