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Digby Quarry

On November 19, 2002, the Atlantic Canada Chapter of Sierra Club of Canada and the Partnership for the Sustainable Development of Digby Neck and Islands Society called on Nova Scotia’s Minister of Environment and Labour, David Morse, to issue an immediate stop work order and revoke the permit for a massive basalt quarry on Digby Neck until a number of critical issues are addressed.

The quarry company, Nova Stone Exporters, has told its Community Liaison Committee it plans to build a 600 foot pier, to allow large ships to carry the crushed stone to the USA. This clearly indicates that their long-range plans call for a much larger quarry than the 3.9 hectares (approximately 10 acres) that have been approved.... Read more »


We are working to improve decision-making processes regarding mines and quarries to ensure adequate community engagement, improved environmental assessment, stronger regulations and monitoring, and creation of a long-term development plan for the mine and quarry industry.


Please read our report: On Solid Ground: Community Voices for Changing Nova Scotia's Mining Policies.


Exciting News! We are please to announce our forum Exploring Common Ground, Feb. 24-25. Contact us for more details!


Background... Read more »

Water Privatization

Who We Are: The Water Privatization Task Force (WPTF)

The Water Privatization Task Force (WPTF) is a volunteer-based subcommittee of the Sierra Club's Corporate Accountability Committee created to educate Club members and the general public about corporate privatization of water/sewer services and threatened commodification of water itself.

The WPTF works to support Sierra Club (SC-US) and Sierra Club of Canada (SCC) groups and chapters confronted with corporate takeovers of their municipal systems or with loss of water resources due to over-pumping for bottled water or bulk water withdrawals. The WPTF has also initiated a national volunteer campaign to drastically reduce the purchase of bottled water.... Read more »

Protecting Marine Life

The importance and significance of cold water corals and other diverse deep sea ecosystems to restoring and maintaining Canada's oceans was not officially or internationally recognized  until the government of  Canada through then Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, the Hon. Loyola Hearn, signed the United Nations General Assembly sustainable fisheries resolution in November 2006.... Read more »

Wild Spaces

The Sierra Club was born in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada, with the intention of enjoying and protecting the wild spaces of our Earth. Today this principal continues to be central to the work being done by the Sierra Club of Canada - Atlantic Canada Chapter.

Wild spaces are essential to the health of our planet, as they act as the lungs and filters of the atmosphere. Over time, however, industry and consumption has threatened to damage this delicate balance through the disruption of our natural ecosystems. A loss of biodiversity (variation of species and life forms in a particular biosphere) threatens to destroy ecosystems all together.... Read more »

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