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Sheila Muxlow hails from the beautiful lower mainland of Chilliwack British Columbia, on Coast Salish Territory.

Sheila left home to travel and work in Australia, China, and Tibet, and than came back to BC to start a Liberal Arts diploma at the University of the Fraser Valley with a focus on history. In 2004, she pursued further academic studies in International Relations and Globalization Studies at the University of Ottawa. During her studies she sat as a board member with the Ontario Interest Public Interest Group. Also in 2004, Sheila volunteered in Addis Ababa Ethiopia to support the start up of a free school for street children with the Little Voice Foundation.

Sheila then worked in Ottawa, Ontario on Algonquin Territory at the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA) as a researcher on the UN Convention of Economic, Social, and Cultural rights.

Sheila became the prairie regional organizer for the Council of Canadians in 2008 in Edmonton Alberta on Plains Cree Territory.

Sheila is grounded with years of grassroots activism, volunteerism, facilitation training, and experience in community based advocacy and organizing for environmental justice, Indigenous sovereingty and human rights. She is proud to be the Director of the Sierra Club Prairie, and is focused on building a movement working towards environmental and social justice in protecting the health and integrity of our beautiful prairie communities and ecosystems.


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